• Nicole Pekurar

What It Means To Be A Cast Member

Simple answer? It means so many things to so many people.

But there's nothing "simple" about what it means to be a Disney Cast Member.

Being a Cast Member means being part of the magic guests experience without a second thought. It means having an impact on a total stranger's family vacation and sticking with them for the rest of their lives in their memories. It means granting wishes to those who need them the most.

It means inspiring others to do better. To be better.

It means a family of individuals woven together by this intense bond that all started with a mouse.

It means having bubble dance parties with the Country Bears every day and catching a glimpse of Tinker Bell flying over the castle every night.

It means having a place to call Home, to feel at peace, and for the first time in forever to remind yourselves what it means to believe...believing in the power of faith, trust and pixie dust does wonders for the soul.

Being a Cast Member means magic is real. We Create Magic is not just a saying Cast Members enjoy, it's a mantra to remind ourselves that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

For some, being a Cast Member is all they know how to's definitely all I know how to do.

We all hold those name tags close to our heart for a reason, because it means something to us. This company means something to us.

So check in on your fellow Cast Members. They're hurting, they're angry, they're frustrated, they're devastated...and yet a lot of them are masking the pain, filled with high hopes for the future. Because that's also what it means to be a Cast Member.

To find hope, and magic, in the darkest of times.

Let them know you're there to lend an ear and just listen to their story, because that's what a Cast Member is. A storyteller. And we've got TONS of stories to tell.

If making magic is your dream then never forget how this has made you feel. Remember who you are. Follow those dreams. Go the Distance. Find your Happily Ever After. For all my fellow Cast Members, this isn't goodbye, it's See You Real Soon. <3


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