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Wanting to help others is what originally started this blog. To shed some light in the dark as we all stumble through together. I have been constantly inspired by the experiences I've shared with others and being able to put all of my feelings into words has been so cathartic. I, like most, needed to feel excited about something again, and what makes me more excited than anything is being a Disney Cast Member. So what better way to pull through these difficult times than to share my story with those who might need to hear it? If anyone else needs some inspiration, some advice, or just some smiles and laughs, then that's what this blog is about. If I can brighten the day of even one person then that is good enough for me.


The Beginning

Becoming a Disney Cast Member was my first job ever at 18 years old. I had some seasonal jobs before then but nothing really felt right. It wasn't until I found the Disney Store when my view on the world began to mold. Suddenly I found something that made sense to me. It was like a calling that I couldn't ignore. Telling stories. Making people smile. Hearing children laugh. Creating magic.

Then, it wasn't until my first Disney College Program in the Fall of 2017 that I realized this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. This internship was on a completely different level and suddenly so was I. It was grueling and exhausting and draining work...and yet I couldn't get enough. I wanted even more, so much so, that I went back for a second program. And my journey is not over. I'm just getting started.


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